[sticky post]hello there
indefinitely on hiatus
not open for friends
thank you very much

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Usually i add people that love to fangirl about arashi as well but its nice to know that all the posts arent only about fangirling. Even though my LJ is open i still post about real life issues or when i'm piised. I'd think it'd be weird if i didnt seeing as i only have on journal. LOL i like that you blunt! i'm a VERY vulgar person but i kind of keep that to myself because i, myself think i think like a man(in a perverted way) and i try to hold back on cursing if i can. I have a genuine interest in knowing about u! hope you add me back ^^

(i also left the dbsk fandom b4 the lawsuit thing and changmin was always love for me..muscles..lots of muscles<3 xD)

Lately, there's been something Arashi related in nearly every entry, so at's not all about me. xD I looked over at your journal and I'm guessing you like Sakumoto (my secret arashi otp <3333) Well I'd like to get to know you too, so I'll add you back. :)

(he's such a smexy baby <3)

remember me from the hate meme :D

gonna add you~ i rarely fangirl, mostly just post in other comms etc.

haha, yes I remember you. +adds :D

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